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Welcome to Visitation Catholic STEM Academy

Are you looking for more for your child’s education?


We know that remote learning is hard on students and parents. We know this fall is going to be a challenge.


At Visitation Catholic STEM Academy, we have a promise to the students to empower them in STEM and to inspire them in faith. Our teachers are ready to lead families through this unprecedented time and will provide the highest quality faith-based education through our distance learning classrooms. By introducing new technology, and by using new ways of communicating, students will have a more engaging and supportive learning experience.

The introduction of Canvas and other online learning processes have been underway at Visitation Catholic STEM Academy and we look forward to sharing these new learning experiences with you! Our Staff, students, and families will be using Canvas to communicate, learn, and grow. Students will receive live instruction in addition to asynchronous work time and specialists. Teachers will be able to meet with students in whole classes, small groups, and one-on-one to ensure that every student reaches their full potential.

If you want to be confident in your child’s education this fall, join us!





Our STEM learning engages the mind and the imagination of all students. Students benefit from hands-on projects based on real-world problems that require creativity in their application of skills, problem solving, project management and collaborative learning.

At Visitation Catholic STEM Academy we believe that God is in all things. We are a STEM school because we believe that all truth leads us deeper into a relationship with God. STEM expands the human capacity to understand the world, thus guiding us to a fuller understanding of ourselves and our relationship to God. We engage the mind and imagination of all students through STEM. We think beyond our own needs, rather, we see ourselves in relationship to all of God’s creation.

Visitation Catholic STEM Academy implements research based instruction in an environment that serves the holistic needs of every student. Teaching and learning includes strategies such as collaborative problem solving, responsive instruction, data driven instruction, and inquiry based learning.

Visitation students are empowered in STEM and enriched in faith. Your student will thrive here. The following growth data demonstrates the excellent academic growth taking place at Visitation.


Student Growth Percentile Comparison


English Language Arts

Visitation Catholic STEM Academy
Tacoma Public Schools
59th Percentile
48th Percentile


Visitation Catholic STEM Academy
Tacoma Public Schools
54th Percentile
46th Percentile