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P.E. fun! Students and teachers alike have been enjoying the nice weather while getting exercise outside. First grade has been working on cooperative games, learning how to play together and stay active, even with Middle School joining for some fun games! Middle school has been spending P.E. ...learning fitness skills such as stretching, endurance, and cardiovascular exercise, helping them to stay healthy in their everyday lives!

What is your favorite part of P.E.?

#physicaleducation #pe #exercise #stretching #stemeducation

We are so excited to welcome you all tonight for curriculum night! Please see the schedule below and in your recent email:

6:30 pm - Location: Upper Hall
All Family Address, Marc Nuno, Fr. Hendry, PTO, Auction, and more

7:05 pm - Classroom Presentation, Rotation #1 (concludes 7:25)

7:30 pm - Classroom Presentation, Rotation #2 (concludes at 7:50)

7:55 pm - Classroom Presentation, Rotation #3 (concludes at 8:15)

Each classroom will present its Curriculum Night three times so that families with multiple siblings can meet with as many teachers as possible.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at Curriculum Night tonight!

STEM projects are in full swing! This week, fourth graders are using teamwork to build contraptions to help save Fred, an unlucky worm, from falling from dangerous heights by building parachutes and bridges. Students are using objects provided from around the classroom to test and learn what is to cushion a fall, and slow it in the first place. These and more exciting STEM projects help foster teamwork and curiosity across the school.

#stem #stemeducation #catholicschool #elementary #teamwork

Nothing quite shows the transformation that the school building underwent quite like these before & afters! This renovation included the removal of old carpeting and the tiles underneath, air quality testing, lots of patches to now 100-year-old wood, and finally the installation of beautiful floor tiles, stair grip, and rubber base throughout the entire building. All in one summer break!

It was a blessing to be in this beautiful building this first week of school, and we can’t wait for the year to come! We’d like to thank the following folks for their determination and investment in our school:
Thank you @sheahomes for making this project possible through your investment in Pope St. John XXIII STEM Academy.
Thank you to @korsmo_construction for making this happen. Your team is just remarkable!
Principal Nuno and Ms. Alex, thank you for spending your summer working with builders, making quick decisions when they arose, and helping to make this happen at the time it did!
Finally, a massive thank you to teachers and Ms. Heather for your patience, hard work, and understanding. It’s not easy to pack up your entire classrooms and unpack them 10 days before school starts. Because of you all, this was possible.

We are overcome with gratitude and can’t wait to share more photos from around the school!

#catholicschool #stemeducation #flooring #floorrenovation #thankyou