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🎨 How was the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel painted? There’s lots of ideas, but at Pope St. John XXlll STEM Academy, we had our own Michaelangelos give it a try! And what better way to connect art with learning (and lots of fun!)? #michaelangelo #hepaintedonhisback #ceilingart ...#theresnoplacelikerome

Those smiles say it all 😊! Congratulations to our Middle School Girls basketball team for their well-earned win yesterday! We are so proud of them. 🏀. #letsgopanthers #soproud #dedicatedplayersandcoaches #theydidit

What a great day!! Not only is today Ash Wednesday AND Valentine’s Day, but we also got to welcome Fr. Hendry! It was so nice to celebrate Mass with him. Our day was full of Lenten art, including self portraits and the 2nd annual “Burying The Alleluia” project with Kindergartner and 7th ...grade. #fastprayalmsgiving🙏❤️ #ashwednesday #lent #40days

psjstem Today was a fun day of celebrations! The
kindergarten and pre-k students celebrated Mardi Gras
with king cake and masks 🎭 and beads! Then they
celebrated Valentine’s Day a day early, as the
solemnity of Lent begins tomorrow with Ash
#mardigras ...#kingcake #awesomekidsawesomeparents