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Visitation Catholic STEM Academy was founded so that every member of our community could form a relationship with Christ.  Visitation is guided by the virtues of Mary and the Catholic faith.  In partnership with families and the parish, we inspire a diverse community of learners to follow Christ, pursue understanding, and transform the world, in a STEM-integrated, project-based environment.


Our Student Learning Expectations

A Graduate of Visitation Catholic STEM Academy will demonstrate…

1.  Faith
  • Pray and participate in the sacramental life of the Catholic Church.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the traditions, teachings and practices of the Catholic Church.
  • Demonstrate integrity through integration of faith and morality for guidance in decision making.
2.  Lifelong Learning
  • Understand and apply knowledge in all academic areas, including science, technology, engineering, mathematics.
  • Communicate thoughts and opinions effectively and respectfully
  • Analyze, interpret, evaluate, and think critically to solve problems using a variety of resources and strategies, including project-based learning.
  • Persevere for excellence in all endeavors, valuing every life situation as a learning experience.
3.  Loving Kindness
  • Demonstrate tolerance, courtesy, and respect among people of all cultures.
  • Act as stewards of the earth through faithful participation in school and parish service projects on local and global levels.
  • Embrace all students, families, parishioners, and community members.


 Full outline of the guiding beliefs, mission, and values of Visitation Catholic STEM Academy:

Root Beliefs, Mission, Values, and School-wide Learning Expectations