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Band & Choir

Bellarmine Elementary School Band Program

The band program at Pope St. John XXIII STEM Academy is sponsored by Bellarmine Prep, a local Catholic high school.  Guided by Band Directors Casey Whitson and Stephanie Sheppard, students practice for band after school twice a week at the Bellarmine campus.  About two or three times a year, PSJXXIII students combine with other Pierce County Catholic schools for a large band performance.  Pope St. John XXIII participates in the program because we believe in educating the whole person and because the students describe it as a meaningful and enjoyable experience.

Band is back!  Please read this flyer from Bellarmine Prep for more information!

Band Practice, Spring 2019

School Choir

Ms. Karen Bredberg leads our school choir program this year and we are tremendously grateful for her service.  She volunteers for this important role and given her experience as a professional musician we are fortunate to have her involvement.  Ms. Bredberg works with each class individually, preparing them for their monthly Pope St. John XXIII Parish Sunday Mass performance.  For more information on Mass dates please inquire with the front office or with the classroom teacher.

PSJSTEM Choir Performs the National Anthem at Tacoma Stars professional indoor soccer game, Spring 2019