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Our Curriculum

Empowered in STEM, Enriched in Faith



Curriculum as a Backbone for Instruction

Pope St. John XXIII STEM Academy believes that every human is a unique creation of God (Root Belief #2). The purpose of education, therefore, is the pursuit of a deeper relationship with God through the development of one’s gifts and talents.  We all serve as instruments of God, deepening our relationship with God in a personal way and lifting up the community through our contributions and collaboration with the community. Colleges and universities offer a profound opportunity to develop the unique gifts and talents that are endowed by God.  Students from PSJXXIII will possess dispositions such as stewardship of the earth, tolerance, respect, perseverance, integrity, and prayerfulness, as well as have the skills and academic preparation necessary to be college bound.  In particular, as a STEM school, we promise to ensure confidence and competence in STEM so that our graduates will be empowered to major in STEM subject areas in college. 

At Pope St. John XXIII STEM Academy, we ensure a backbone of curriculum in order to live up to our promise that students will be empowered in STEM and enriched in faith.  At PSJXXIII we make a promise to have every student ready for college which means ensuring an appropriate amount of breadth and depth of learning in all curricular areas.  Our curriculum is not scripted because every group of students will have different needs.  Our goal is for instruction to be responsive to student needs and cultural backgrounds.  However, school-wide alignment to a consistent curriculum strengthens our systematic approach to improving student learning.  

Response to Intervention Approach (RTI)

Because we believe that every human is a unique creation of God, we recognize that every student, staff member, teacher and school leader comes to school with different experiences and prior knowledge.  We all learn at different rates and in different ways.  And we all hunger for a deeper relationship with God.  “Response to Intervention (RTI) is a multi-tiered approach to help all learner learners. Students’ progress is closely monitored at each stage of intervention to determine the need for further research-based instruction and/or intervention in general education, in special education, or both.” (RTI Action Network,, 2019)  In the fall of 2018, PSJXXIII initiated an RTI approach including reworking the master schedule to provide protected time for Tier 2 interventions, hiring an RTI coach to support students and teachers, and establishing an after school program titled M & M Club for students who need additional support with executive functioning skills such as organization and planning. 


Our Curriculum Resources


Creative curriculum is what we teach in our PK3 class.


Grades PK4-5th: Project Lead the Way

Grades 6-8th: Stanford NGSS curriculum and Assessment


Grades PK4-8th: Engage NY

Algebra: CPM Educational Program


We follow the Archdiocese of Seattle Religion Standards and use the Blessed Are We curriculum.