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Experiences at PSJXXIII- Something to Celebrate!

Pope St. John XXIII STEM Academy’s education is made unique by the STEM aspects implemented in everyday learning. These are enhanced by experiences that PSJXXIII students take part in as a supplement to learning. In-class projects often shared with the school are one example of these experiences, as well as fun trips off of school campus to explore the world around them. One fun experience this year was First Grade’s field trip to Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM)’s Army Base and Gray Army Airfield this June.

First Grade students saw how what that they learned throughout the year applies out in the world around them. Through combining fun, education, and occupation exploration on their trip, students see these similarities. First Grade learned about space this year and got to see firsthand how the Army and Air Force utilize space and airspace to keep us safe. They also learned about light, the sun, and machines; all important components of the jobs at JBLM.

JBLM is just a few miles from PSJXXIII. As a result, students see airplanes and other aspects of work on Base around them often. Getting to see and experience the work of JBLM up close was an exciting way to celebrate learning this year. First Graders explored helicopters and planes often seen flying over the school. They also tried out some of the technology that the Army uses and trains with. In addition, students got to run practice drills to see what it would be like to work at JBLM! This experience combined current learning with introductions to what work at the Army is like.

Thank you, Joint Base Lewis-McChord!

This field trip allowed for an exciting day away from school while reminding us all of the benefit of a STEM education at Pope St. John XXIII STEM Academy.

Thank you, Joint Base Lewis-McChord Army, for hosting First Grade for a day this June. We also thank you for your continued service and dedication to Tacoma and our country.

You can read more about the opportunities for students, and life at JBLM, here: