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School Accreditation a Success!

Visiting Committee Summary of Thoughts

“The Visiting Committee observed that the community of Visitation Catholic STEM Academy is welcoming and focused on their mission and philosophy.  We want to thank the community for their hospitality and we enjoyed meeting the various shareholders.  It is clear that this is a mission-driven school that celebrates their diversity and where all are truly welcome.  The students were delightful.  They truly appreciate the education that they are receiving and their pride in and love of the school is very evident.  The pastor, principal, faculty, and community support of the school is strong.  While meeting with the shareholders, it was evident that they are grateful for the commitment of the pastor and his acknowledgement that the school is an important ministry of the Church.  The dedication of the faculty is evident and all shareholders recognize that they are integral to the growth of the school as community of faith and learning.  We commend you for creating an environment centered on Gospel values and focused on the high achievement of all learners” (Report of Findings, 2020).

The accreditation process takes almost two years to complete including all of the work involved with collaborative analysis of data, the collaborative writing process, the development of an action plan, and the involvement of all shareholders throughout the process.  The final phase of the process was a three day, on-site visit from an accreditation Visiting Team.  The team included six educators and school leaders both from within the Archdiocese of Seattle as well as from out of state.  As articulated in the statement above, the accreditation was a great success for Visitation so congratulations to the whole community.