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Visitation is a special elementary school because alumni continue to support the school, visit the school, and participate in the school, in ways that make it unique from other elementary schools.    As a member of the alumni family, you are encouraged to visit us or to join us at any point during the school year.  The events listed below are not exclusive for alumni, but they are times that you can come see the growth of the school.  


Visitation Alumni Scholarship

Visitation prepares the future leaders of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) with a Catholic worldview.  Faith development and academic excellence at Visitation remain our priorities and the program at Visitation is strong.  I am writing you today to ask you to join us on our path to an even stronger future for our children and our church. 

Visitation is developing plans for long-term growth in faith, academics, STEM, and financial viability.   These goals will best be achieved through the efforts of many community members and stakeholders.  The parish leadership, parishioners, school parents, community members, and the alumni all play a critical part in building and sustaining Visitation.  

To that end we have been working with purpose and intention to create a more compelling and attractive choice for parents as  they consider where to send their child to school.  In 2017, our teachers completed training for Project Lead the Way STEM curriculum and now every student in grades PK3 through eighth grade benefits from STEM education.  To create a strong school community, classroom buddies work together and attend weekly Mass together which supports bonds that reach across grade levels, a grace-filled experience of the Body of Christ. 

There are many children who could not attend Visitation if not for the generosity of people like you.  I encourage you to prayerfully consider ways that you can help provide an education that will shape the future of our church and the community.  As a member of the Visitation family, I know you share the same zeal and love for this school that we do.  

Should you be in a position to do so, we would be grateful to create a named scholarship.  Other options are listed below, and we are happy to create an opportunity that works for your family and charitable giving priorities.  

If you are unable to provide financial support at this time, I ask that you keep us in your prayers.  

Thank you for your generosity and partnership.  

Wishing you God’s grace and blessing,

Marc Nuno


Include a description of your gift in “additional notes” when submitting your donation online.

Alumni Scholarship Fund
$1,200 – One time tuition scholarship $100 – Monthly tuition scholarship
Named Alumni Scholarship
$7,000 – One time tuition scholarship $583 – monthly tuition scholarship $20 per day
Adopt a Family (Named Scholarship)
Cover the total need for any family $10,000 – One time gift $833 – monthly gift $27 per day