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FACTS Management

At Visitation STEM Academy, we use FACTS for our Grant & Aid as well as our tuition management system.

All registered families are required to have a FACTS account to manage tuition.  A FACTS account is also required if applying for tuition assistance.

  • If your family is enrolled in our school, FACTS allows you to select a payment option that best suits your financial needs. For example, payment options can be monthly, semi-annual, or payment in full.  You also have a choice of the day of the month payment is made to the school.
  • For tuition payments, you may pay through a bank account or by credit card.  Please note, payments made through a credit card are assessed an additional charge for processing.
  • By logging in to your FACTS account, you are able to see all financial activity relating to tuition and fees.

If applying for tuition assistance, click HERE and select Grant & Aid and follow the prompts.